Day 4’s assignment … a day late and a dollar short

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I meant to do a blog yesterday but the topic really took me for a loop.  Before I knew it, the day was over and hence yesterday’s assignment is happening on today and its already late today!  I got up early but couldn’t even get through my morning routine because my mind was consumed with the workshop I am doing tomorrow.  I named it the title of my coaching practice and after it was submitted a better name came to me.  Go figure…. Anyway the workshop is Uniquely Perfect (edited title…tomorrow it is Just Be Free).  I am hoping to tap into the woman who feels like she is in the shadows of life.  She has all kinds of titles, mom, wife, girlfriend, CEO, Consultant, coordinator, the list goes on.  But that says what she does not who she is…I want to touch the heart and help her see who she really is.  She is loved by Jesus, set free, redeemed, cherished, forgiven, chosen and there is so much more that Jesus wants us to know about ourselves.  The world tells us we have to look a certain way, act a certain way etc. to be accepted.  But Jesus accepts us the way we are ~ He takes us and cleans us up.

So after we go over who we are, (at the workshop) we are working on our core values.  Our core values are the things that are deep in us that determines our behavior.  Many times we are so used to just doing things that we don’t realize what our core values really are.  I was that way before I went to life coach training.  I still am learning about myself which helps me with decision, how I am around people, how I interact… I am defined by who God says I am and my values stem from who I am in Jesus.  I no longer want to be defined by the standards of the world.  Will I stick out like a sore thumb, probably but I don’t care anymore.  Do you know your core values?  Do you know the Creator, the one who called you His masterpiece?  His name is Jesus.  He died for you, paid the price for your sin, so that you could be called righteous in God sight.  He says come as you are … come follow me.

2 thoughts on “Day 4’s assignment … a day late and a dollar short

  1. Hey Lisa…Thank you for sharing!! I did the workshop yesterday and I love how Jesus shows up! The ladies loved seeing how the world influences us so much and how getting back to His Word and who He thinks we are is so freeing. What kind of things are you learning and is Jesus showing you?


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