I have often heard people talk about having one word for the year rather than make New Years resolutions.  I looked into it this past weekend and found there is a book about it.  It suggested to pray and ask God to show me the word that would be a mantra for the year.

One word, not two like I wanted to have.  I had thought release and rest, you know, like R&R…but still that is three words!

As I prayed about it, the word simple came in my head.  Simplicity followed.  I looked up the definition and found that it is a noun.  One definition was: the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.

Synonyms included: clarity, clearness, plainness (ugh that is not what I had in mind), simpleness, intelligibility straight forwardness….hummm….really do you want me to have this word Lord?  It continued…quality or condition of being plain (sad face) or neutral.

One definition that did catch my eye when looking from a Biblical perspective was: childlike, full of trust and wonder….ok I think I like this!  Kind of goes along with my release and rest….I wanted to let things go and rest in Jesus that He would and could handle my life better than me.

Then I found…absence of luxury, pretentiousness, free from deceit or guile, sincerity….that kinda sounds like how Jesus lived when He walked the earth.  I do want to be like Jesus.  As I prayed and pondered the word…it really fits in what I want to see God do in my life.

We had our house listed for sale.  The realtors had staged the house rather beautifully.  Not necessarily my taste but nice.  I had their furniture for almost seven months.  That was a lot of work to keep up with.  When they came and took it out last Friday, a burden lifted off my shoulders.  My house looks bigger, less cluttered, so freeing.  I have decided that I really have too much stuff and too much responsibility.  Simplicity in this area will be so freeing.  As the weather gets warmer, one of the things I see God wants me to work on is getting rid of unnecessary possessions. Just the thought sets me free.

How about you?  First do you have a word for the year to keep you on focus? Second, is your life jumbled with too much? Too much stuff, too much to do. too many obligations?  What would it take to make your life more simple?


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