drinking fountainI travel a lot by airplane.  That means I spend a lot of time in the airports.  Airport food and beverages are expensive and naturally, I get thirsty.  I have learned that TSA will allow an empty bottle to go through security.  That is nice and what is even better is when the airports that have a bottle water fountain.

Jesus traveled one day and became thirsty.  His disciples went into town to buy some food.  While waiting by the well, a woman came to draw water.  He asked her for a drink.  This was unheard of in that time or place.  What it came down to was the woman was the one who was thirsty…not necessarily for water but a real relationship.  She had been in several bad, unhealthy relationships that caused her to thirst for more.  Jesus offered her a relationship with Him that would change her life and give her life forever.

Many times we are in relationships that don’t satisfy like we want.  I was married for 22 years and it was not what I thought marriage was suppose to be like.  Things were challenging and very unhealthy.  I didn’t know what healthy looked like.  When the marriage ended,  I wanted to blame Mr. Marine.  I didn’t want to see that I had any blame at all.  During a two year period, Jesus took my thirsty soul for a healthy relationship and gave me His water, His Word and His life.  He showed me that He was all I needed.  He gave me love that I never recognized before.  As He poured His love into me, I changed.  I started seeing changes in Mr. Marine.  Jesus used circumstances to reconcile us and our family back together.  But it started with Jesus.  Jesus can do the same for you.

What in your life causes you to thirst for things you don’t have or experience?  Where are you looking to be filled?